1) How many nights per week will my team practice? What nights will they practice on? Where are practices?
Your team will practice 1 night per week. In the Spring the day, location, and time are decided by the coach. In the fall, the day and time are decided by the coach, but they will be at Brown Road Park.
2) What equipment is provided? What will I need to purchase?
You will be provided with your game jersey (which is yours to keep) and a set of flag to use (turned back in). You will need to get a mouthpiece for sure and we recommend a pair of cleats, rubber molded or screw in (but no metal spikes). Mouthpieces are available from our Concession trailer.
3) My child has never played before. Is this okay?
Absolutely! Flag Football is the perfect way to introduce the child to the sport of football in a limited contact environment.
4) Why do you say “limited contact” instead of “no contact” isn’t this flag?
Yes. Tackle football is a full contact sport, where contact is a primary byproduct. Flag Football is like basketball or soccer, contact is inevitable if not intentional.
5) I want to request the same team as my friend/family. I want to request a specific coach.
We make every effort to make this possible, providing the players are in the same grade/age group. If your friend/family is already on a team, its a good idea to have them talk to the coach first to make sure there are openings.
6) We want our X year old daughter/son to play in a different division for ride purposes/to play with a friend/to play with a sibling.
Players can play up 1 year. This is not 1 age group. For example, a 2nd grader can play up with the 3rd/4th grade, but a 1st grader cannot. We discourage playing up as it is better for the player to compete against other players of the same age, maturity,and physical ability. We understand that it can be easier on a parent to have 2 siblings of different ages on the same team, but this runs the risks of pairing the younger child against players who are advanced beyond them which can result in limited playing time.
7) How come there is a difference in price between Spring & Fall?
Amongst the many expenses it takes to run a youth sports organization, two of the big costs are insurance and park rental. In the Fall, we also have tackle football & cheerleading to share in the expense, a luxury we don’t have in the Spring. One expense we don’t have- coaches & administrators because we are staffed with all volunteers!