1) How many nights per week will my team practice? What nights will they practice on? Where are practices?
Teams will practice 3 nights per week on average. Some teams practice 4x per week during the month of August. Practice nights are assigned by the league based on coach preference, this information is not available until mid-July. Practices are held at Brown Road Park in old town St. Peters.
2) What equipment is provided? What will I need to purchase?
Mid Rivers Football will provide helmet, shoulder pads, leg pads, belt, game jersey, and game pants. Parents are asked to purchase practice pants, practice jersey, cleats, mouthpiece, and a cup. All of this is available at a discount through our sponsor, Johnny Mac’s. Some teams will purchase an upgraded uniform and will fundraise the difference in price.
3) How many games do we play?
All teams will have 7 regular season games. Teams that qualify for the Gateway League playoffs and/or play in additional pre & post season tournaments will play in more. Some Eagles teams play in as many as 15-20 games a year.
4) When will I hear from my coach?
Coaches are given their rosters in June. You can expect to hear from a coach in late June or early July. After you register, you will start receiving update emails from Mid Rivers.
5) I want to request to play on the same team as my friend/relative. Is this okay?
We will make every effort to make this happen. As long as both players are the same grade level, this should be no problem at all. If your friend/relative is a veteran player and you are requesting to join their existing team, it is often best to have your friend/relative ensure with their coach that there is room on the team.
6) What else will I need besides the equipment mentioned above?
You will need a copy of your birth certificate, your 4th quarter report card, a utility bill, and a physical from a doctor that states you are okay to play full contact football.
8) When do I pick up my equipment?
Equipment pick up is typically the last week of July, you will be contacted later with specific information, including dates & times.
9) When does the season start/end?
The season will begin on August 1st. The season will end around Thanksgiving (depending on participation in post season playoffs/tournaments)
10) My child has never played before. Is that okay?
Absolutely! Our teams have players ranging in various skill and experience levels. While not required and if early enough, some parents/players choose to participate in Spring Flag Football as well so that the player is introduced to the fundamentals of the sport in a limited contact environment. New players are also encouraged to attend our 1st year & 2nd year player’s camp held each July. But rest assured, your coaches will teach you the skills and fundamentals that you need to excel on your new team regardless of experience.
11) My daughter would like to play tackle football, is this okay?
Absolutely! Our programs are open to children of both genders! So if your son wants to cheer or your daughter wants to tackle…they’re welcome at Mid Rivers!