Ages: Cheerleading is available for children ages 7– 14, ages 5-6 will participate as Mascots.
Practices: Are set by your individual coach, usually weekdays starting at 6:30pm.
Games: The games are on Saturdays and Sundays. The times will vary, but you will get a schedule once your child is placed on a squad. Some make up games could be held during the week.
Fundraisers: We will be doing fundraisers to help cover expenses. Fundraising kits are available during uniform fittings, or anytime by request. The kits contain a variety of items for you to sell, and you will receive 50% credit towards your package. Fundraiser kits are due on August 7th, at the Brown Road Park concession stand.
Uniforms: (custom fit to each individual cheerleader) and you get to keep them. This means that if your uniform fits next season, you don’t have to purchase a new uniform.
• New Mascot Cheerleaders – $150 (Package does not include warm up jacket or pants).

• New Cheerleaders- $225 (Complete package).

• Veteran Cheerleaders – $75 (Does not include uniform package, but individual pieces may still be purchased).
New Cheerleading Package includes:
• MRJFA Facility usage fee
• Skirt
• Shell
• Briefs
• Long sleeve midriffs
• Warm up jacket
• Warm up pants
• Poms
Uniform Fittings: will be held at Brown Road Park, at the concession stand, on Thursday, July 19th at 5:30pm – 7:30pm, and Tuesday, August 7th at 6pm – 8pm.
It going to be a great season and lots of new things are in the works for our Cheerleaders!!!!